Mihalec Gábor

Gábor Mihalec

Couples Therapist, International Speaker and Trainer

He was able to create Hungary's first (and so far only) scientifically proven effective relationship training, the Ring Cure, which has enriched the relationships of tens of thousands of people worldwide since 2004. The Ring Cure book has become one of the largest selling relationship books ever published in Hungarian. In recognition of his scientific work and his impact on society, in 2018 she was awarded the Kopp-Skrabski Prize named after Maria Kopp and her husband.

He launched a live video series called "Couple-Moments" during the time of the coronavirus to give couples the ammunition to successfully live through quarantine. He also conducted one of the first quarantine studies involving 1,255 people, looking at what makes the difference between couples who successfully cope with the crisis and those whose relationships go downhill under the pressure. The results of the research were summarised in a book entitled "Storm-resistant love". The book has become the official book for Marriage Week 2021.