Welcome to MCC Budapest Summit on the Values We Teach Our Children

"The problem is that people with the same ideology control the engines of knowledge production." - stated the American philosopher and educator Peter Boghossian last September in an interview with Mandiner. In addition to dozens of researchers, professionals, professors,  authors, editors, and leaders, the science-critical university professor from Portland will attend the MCC Budapest Summit on February 16-17, 2022, in Budapest.

At the same time, not only Peter Boghossian, but also many other professionals have recognized how decisive the education of our children really is, especially the values ​​and ideologies conveyed to them. They play a vital role in the socialization of the individual and in the changes in society. This discourse has now become a central theme in books, professional journals, the press, political debates, and even in everyday conversations around the world.

The conference aims to provide a public professional forum for the discussion of the topic by the Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC), as the most important organization in talent development in the Carpathian Basin, now training 4100 Hungarian students. MCC, as it educates talented young people at the highest level, also considers it extremely important that, in addition to domestic experts, the most renowned foreign researchers of the topic also express their views.

The focus of the conference — which consists of panel discussions, presentations, book presentations, discussion forums, and accompanying events throughout the week — is the role of education in shaping young people's self-awareness, thinking, and identity. We are looking for answers to such burning questions as to what and why we teach our children about rights, responsibilities, fellow human beings, gender, and critical thinking, and what the effects and consequences may be. Should the introduction and promotion of sexual orientations or gender identity be part of school teaching? Is it necessary to link this to age? What are the implications of positive discrimination against social groups, how do we learn about these problems? What are the consequences of reviewing our history books, literary works, and films? Is there a need for media regulation (press, films, series), and how do we handle ideological messages woven into writings and works if children are the target groups?

The panel discussions will also focus on why it is important to introduce critical thinking in education, how to address issues of sex, gender, ethnic, and racial differences in education. We are looking for answers to how learning and education shape national identities, and why so many people question its importance?

You can register for the conference now. We invite all those interested in the topic to the event.


The event is organized by Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC), which has been involved in talent development for almost twenty-five years and provides free, socially useful trainings across the Carpathian Basin. The trainings go beyond the traditional educational system and are aimed to students from primary and secondary school to higher education or other graduate age groups. MCC is a knowledge centre as well, which, in addition to trainings, intends to participate in the development of public dialogue and culture through its events, conferences, books and public communications. For more details on the institution's diverse range of activities, please visit our website.



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For the safety and protection of health of our guests and lecturers we fully comply with the pandemic measures and regulations effective in Hungary. We pay special attention to hygiene, mask wearing and the control of COVID certificate.

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