Patricia Santos

Patricia Santos

Professor, Universidad CEU San Pablo

Patricia Santos Rodriguez is a tenured Reader of Philosophy of Law and Politics at the Law School of San Pablo CEU University. Currently, she is based in Brussels, where she is implementing and organizing the International CEU Universities Office for the EU. Additionally, she collaborates with the Spanish newspaper El Debate as the Editor in Chief of the correspondence team in Brussels, covering EU affairs.

She has a keen interest in Comparative Law, EU freedoms and fundamental rights, as well as current EU social policies. Much of her published work reflects her personal approach to connecting theory and practice in relation to various human rights issues, including freedom of education, religious freedom, freedom of expression, sustainability, and biojuridics. She also emphasizes the importance of engaging in dialogue with different philosophical approaches or schools, studying history, and understanding the specific sources and foundations of law.

In terms of her academic background, she has been appointed as a Guest Professor for research stays at several prestigious institutions, including the University of Oxford (Institute of Comparative Laws, 2012), University College London (Faculty of Laws, 2013), University of Edinburgh (Faculty of Law, 2013), and University of Birmingham (Faculty of Law and Arts, 2014). She has also been awarded two Erasmus Teaching Scholarships, first at InHolland University (Faculty of International Relations, Rotterdam, 2012) and second at Pazmany Peter Catholic University (Faculty of Law, Budapest, 2018).

Lastly, she takes pride in being the founder and executive officer of the Legal Pro Bono Clinic at her Law School, where she has successfully completed 26 pro bono projects with the participation of professors, students, and law firms.