Szakos Enikő

Enikő Szakos

Researcher, Learning Institute, MCC

Enikő Szakos, Educational researcher at the MCC Learning Research Institute and Director of Education Development at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, is dedicated to addressing the ongoing changes and challenges in education and learning.  She focuses on educational policy, -trends and daily challenges in school affecting children, parents and teachers. Within the research of higher education, she places special emphasis on teacher training and the consequences accompanying changes in the management of the institutions. In addition, she studies the integration of technological innovations and draws attention to the use of traditional educational tools in her writings and lectures.
As an educational development manager, Enikő guides the comprehensive reform of the university's curriculum, contributing significantly to reshaping the educational paradigm. 
Her practical experience as a teacher provides a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in both rural and urban educational institutions.