Pöltl Ákos

Ákos Pöltl

Senior Lecturer, MCC; Head of Department, Defence Education, Research Centre, University of Pannonia

Ákos has been conducting physical and digital self-defense trainings for primary and secondary school children, teachers and parents all over the country for years. The Digital Self-Defense project was created to provide teenagers with a skill-level knowledge that will help them move more safely in the digital space, recognize and are able to avert dangerous situations. Ákos holds a degree in economics specializing in international communication.  He also holds a qualification as a military melee instructor and a Level 3 Close Protection Officer degree from Buckinghamshire New University and Longmoor Security in England.

Ákos is currently invited to several schools to hold digital self-defense trainings for children and teachers alike. In Zalaegerszeg he also holds thematic physical self-defense seminars and trainings, and conducts strategic communication projects in the field of healthcare. In his educational methodology, he successfully uses the accelerated learning methodology adopted from the military elite training.

One of Ákos's important educational principles: "Children should not be controlled, but rather given effective, usable, skill-level knowledge. We can't stand by them 24/0, so we need to make sure they are able to protect themselves both offline and online."